You know You are getting Old

You know you are getting old when you understand what it is like to be broken from inside. Shattered dreams,unfulfilled desires or the people who leave a hole in your heart when they no longer remain in your life. When you realize that no matter how much you try some things are not meant to be. Sometimes the best you can do is give up even if it is the only thing you wanted.That there is no perfect way of doing things but we choose what causes least damage.It is perfectly normal to be shattered beyond repair for a while because it teaches you the trick. As cliched as it may sound its fairly simple : Do not sit and cry but go ahead and move on with life.

You know you are getting old when you know how it is stupid to judge people based on how they deal with others.Rude people are the ones who cared too much,real are the ones who are yet to face life and funny people who are trying to fix everything are the most broken from inside.Everyone is fighting their own battles. People unconsciously wear a mask everyday faking a smile. Trying to pretend that there are no demons, no battles and no thought that hits you first thing in the morning and last thing when you approach the dark night.Nobody is black or white.Deep down we all are grey with our fair share of good, bad, insecurities and pride.

You know you are getting old when you want to laugh your ass off as to how serious/boring/depressing this all sounds but deep down you all know you have been there. Its ugly but sadly that is life.



So finally the 68th Independence Day celebrations are done and thanks to the internet, we all learned a thing or two about patriotism. Remember kids it is all about changing our display picture? Oh wait! Times have changed right? Now it is about criticizing people who change their display picture. Frankly speaking if any of us actually cared about the country as much as we pretend to, we won’t be facing grave threats like poverty, corruption,unemployment and Uday Chopra .To think of it, we are probably the greatest nation when it comes to pretending that we understand shit and our opinions don’t suck. As shocking as it may sound I have seen people thrusting their opinions on others when they have read just one article on internet. This is pathetic. We all know that we should read at least 2 posts on Quora before we start branding people as insane narrow-minded faggots. I am pretty sure if you go to any Indian and ask some questions, the conversation would go like this.

So what do you think about formation of Telangana ?

Partition? wrqwrywulcoz Balls opshamxmx India uewoique Unity

How much do you know about the reason behind the split ?

Partition? wrqwrywulcoz Balls opshamxmx India uewoique Unity

Ok Who is the Chief minister of Telangana ?

Partition? wrqwrywulcoz Balls opshamxmx India uewoique Unity

The correct answer is Rajnikanth. The whole point is that if we really want to flaunt about anything why can’t we just really understand what we are talking about! I mean what is the harm in actually knowing about something before we start strangling people for having an opinion different than ours. Now all of you must be wondering where this obsession of opinions coming from and what I am really upto? So what do we say to meaningful posts? Not Today (Yes that was a GOT reference joke. Yes it is lame. OK I am sorry, but in my head it sounded good)  

Coming back to the point let me start with a question. So, the five of you who still read this blog, what do you think is the biggest problem the country is facing today? I bet your answers were something out of poverty, incompetent judiciary, food shortage or unemployment. What if I told you that all of this is nothing at all compared to the biggest problem we are facing today? What If you realize that all these problems that you can possibly think of are just a side-effect of a way bigger problem that we have on our hands today? One problem that threatens the very existence of mankind itself – CLIMATE CHANGE. The very fact that nobody would have mentioned it in the list of problems makes it fatal. The world as we know is changing very rapidly and it is not for the good. When we all hear about the term “Climate Change” our first reaction is – ‘It is not even a problem that bad, I mean how bad melting of glaciers can be?’ Believe me, climate change is very much a real threat and it is happening right now, at this very moment and affects every single one of us. There are unnatural events happening all across the globe from Bangalore to Moscow and from New York to Melbourne. Events that were predicted by scientists to happen around 2050 due to man-induced climate change have already happened and it’s not even 2015 yet. Every solution to a problem has 3 steps:

1 – Acknowledging the fact that this is a problem

2 – Acknowledging the problem but still doing nothing about it

3 – Acknowledging the problem and actually doing something about it.

If we talk about Climate change, we haven’t even reached the first stage, which is most certainly the need of the hour. There are people all across the world that understand the gravity of the situation and are working day-in and day-out for the cause.The prime focus of all these organisations being – making people aware of the problem. Abhijval is one such organization, founded by the students of NIT-Warangal. This organization is working closely with schools to sensitize them about Climate Change by conducting Climate-Leadership Program. The purpose of this post is not to promote the organization, it is just to make you understand that the threat we are facing today requires our immediate attention. So, the next time you sit idle on a lazy weekend, go and google climate change. If you glance upon a news about early monsoon, read about it.If you want to update yourself with what is happening around the world-connect with Abhijval.If you have to read one article today,let it be this one –Climate change. The more you dig in deep you will understand that as big a problem it may sound, the solution is very simple. The one charger and AC you switch off before leaving the room affects more than just your electricity bill. So go and understand what Climate Change is all about. For all you know, the End is way closer than it was ever predicted.

Now if you will excuse me I have to get back to this fight over the impact of soya sauce and noodles on Chinese economy.

Connect with Abhijval

Adaptation to Climate Change

Feeling the heat ? It might be more serious than you think

Brace Yourself! The Heat is On.

The last few posts have covered the basics of climate change and I hope I have managed to establish the following fact: Anthropogenic Climate Change is Real and it is the biggest problem we currently face as a species. The last few posts may have been a tab bit boring( Yes, I do know that my writing style can be that way) as there were quite a few technical terms introduced but I still feel they were important as they would have equipped with tools to fend off climate skeptics. For more information on that front, please do visit the following website.


It is a wonderful website covering every possible argument that a climate denier can put forth. I would say it is a must read for any climate change activist out there or rather for anyone out there who is still not convinced about Anthropogenic climate change. 

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