The A-Z of MNNIT Allahabad

4 years ,an experience of a lifetime but still feels like yesterday .It doesn’t matter – whether you were a 5 pointer or a 10, whether u were a dude or a douche, college life is something we are never going to forget  .We have moved on from “Hi ! my name is… ” to “bhai hai apna”.For some strange reason ,we felt better at our friend’s placement than ours.Placed with a package worth lakhs but still craving for that last slice of free food at RUKHSAT. Our way of life will be memories, stuffs that are never going to remain the same .A life that will be missed everyday for the rest of our lives…

A- Anirudh Narayan aka Mario

Well ,if Irony plays on nicknames, this guy tops the list. Apart from a short build ,there’s hardly anything that will remind you of our childhood best friend. Infact ,had he been Mario ,Bowser would be doing laundry for princess Peach. He was the guy who called us  “People worse than terrorists who should be hanged till death”  for putting up proxies in attendances. If he were our HOD, half of the batch would be serving at Guantanamo Bay .

B-Bikini/Nesci  Official Lovers’ Point

For an estrogen-starved campus,  it is one of the few places that remind  you that ours is a co-ed  institution.


Starting from ‘ ek-do-teen-char ‘at every other event   to  sheet-dahan-samaroh at Tagore Hostel , from the sad demise of TT Table on Sachin’s 200 to high spirits on Friday Nights ,bakar is what engineers do for 4 years.

C- Civil Lines  

When you live in a place like  Hellabad  Allahabad, anything even remotely related to a-place-to-hangout /shop /eat/go-out and literally anything means Civil Lines. Allahabad without Civil Lines is like nyt out without Che-chi burger and 4-am-band-malai #Pointless.

D- DC++ 

Sometimes images speak louder than words #Faith in Humanity Restored Untitled



The most feared specie on the campus,refers to the people addicted  to using fatal P.Js /facts/logics. Humour can be lethal sometimes and in MNNIT many a times.

E- Energy Crisis

We don’t usually study but when we do, administration makes sure that we don’t. Dedicated to the power cuts before every single goddamn CTs and endsems.

F- Fests- Avishkar, Gnosiomania and Culrav 

India’s biggest technical, quizzing and cultural fests (lol ),a platform  to exhibit your creativity and capabilities (connections with seniors) ,with results and rewards as credible as condolence messages on DC ++.


The ritual created to remind you of the fact,sometimes friends can be real pain in the ass and not just metaphorically

H- Honey, Nikku, Pondy 

Self  XXXplanatory


An opportunity for Engineers (read:  CS/IT/ECE)  to  extend  their  final year vacation; an elusive dream for others.

J- JIT –Just In Time 

Our answer to the people who accuse wanna-be engineers of being  muggers who don’t know how to apply theoretical knowledge in the  practical life. A concept we have applied in every possible aspect of our daily lives; from waking up in morning to getting ready for college, reaching classes to  making  copying assignments and determining the syllabus to prepare for examinations -everything was JUST-IN-TIME.

K- K. N. Pandey 

One of the most genuine a**holes you are ever likely to meet in your entire life. Even Shakespeare would have run out of words were he to express my disgust and repulsion. Just get this -if i have a gun with 3 bullets and i am in a room filled with people like Justin Bieber, Digvijay singh, Sharad Pawar, Kasab and K N Pandey, I’ll still shoot K N Pandey




3 times.                                                               

L-Lite lo

A lingo associated with MNNIT but finds its true meaning only in final year. The difference between final year and others is our ‘we-don’t-give-a-shit’ attitude is backed by faculty. A  go-and-fucking-enjoy-final-year disguised as  8 credit Project occupying most of the space in time table and people being bestowed with the best imaginable grades.It basically sums up to LITE LO !!!

   Lallu-Official Sutta cum Food Joint #1 

The only place where even the strongest of Teetotalers would  tolerate the smoke for the awesome food.

M-M P Hall

Well, the person who christened our beloved MP Hall must have been a very farsighted individual. It ,surely , is a Multi-Purpose Hall used for every possible purpose and by every I mean every 😉

N-Night Outs

The fact is engineers love to sleep but not at night.Believed to be started for the divine purpose of mugging ,with passing time, the motive grew  holier- ranging from 4 am band-malai to LOTR-marathon to gaming spree to high-spirits on Friday night.


When a bunch of nerds landed in a deserted place, Hellabad and found  out that college life was everything but what Sir Karan Johar showed us, people found solace in  the only  viable  free option available. These days it’s all about notifications and friend requests, but 4 years back it was all scraps and “asl ??”


Not exactly a destroyer but someone who has made his mark.The multiple usage word is uttered for Uday facebook Jalan, dassi/dassu or guys for scoring the hottest(of the lot) chic on the campus


Although, everyone  brags that they don’t give a shit about pointers. The truth remains that every single soul in the campus ,atleast once, thought of improving it. Thankfully, the determination lived as long as our new year resolutions.


For the never ending,mindless and stupid queries of juniors regarding books,papers,grades and placements about which neither we have a single clue after four years.   

R- RS,Vodka and Grass

Golden Rule for college life: When you feel low in life, get high. 

S- SAC and Live Matches

In a nation obsessed with cricket , watching a cricket match is very different from watching it  with a zillion people ,in a small room, shouting at top of their voices and remembering  Ponting’s and Sir Jadeja’s mothers and sisters  in unison. Rooting for your  team in MI V/S KKR or Chelsea V/S  MAN-U. We will still watch matches but it would never be the same. 

T- TPO Brigade

In the city of sangam , people take dip in the holy ganges to wash off their sins ,but I doubt people in TPO ever need it . One placement is enough to give you chills down the spine .To worry for placement of whole batch even if u are unplaced (keeping  tensions aside)and to miss all the treats and tours despite being placed is the most selfless deed on the planet. Hats Off  to everyone at TPO # Respect.

U- Uptron –Official Sutta cum Food Joint #2

When you are served food that even famine victim would refuse to eat, the only respite is our mini food court aka Uptron serving the sasta,sundar and tikau food.

V- Viva  (keh ke lena) 

With all the bakar in the class and professors declaring us as worst batch ever ,when we held our heads high thinking ourselves as alpha-race in the longtime battle b/w teachers and students ,Vivas were prof’s way of saying BITCH PLEASE !!! It is ten or 15 minutes of agony and despair, a redemption for all the bitching, every proxy  placed and every paper plane thrown .

W- Womaniya  

This male-chauvinistic  world has always been unfair to the fairer sex, but a tending-to-zero sex ratio has made sure it’s the other way around here. I am not nitpicking anything (better grades, less torture in VIVAS, better chances of winning an event, better jobs) but woman certainly rule the world of MNNIT.

X- Xerox,Maggi and Topo Machine

There are discoveries that helped human race and then there are inventions without which mankind would cease to exist. If we owe anything to scientific discoveries, it is to the discoverers of Xerox, Topo Machine and Maggi.


Pretty much the motto of every engineering student .You Only Live Once and hence take-no-shit and give-no-shit

Z   Ze End


G,H,P,Z- Courtsey Pyjama Warrior

Special Thanx to  Shobhit Kumar Singh,Dibyendu Sharma


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